Troy Davis
Troy Davis
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About Troy Davis
Troy Davis was born June 2, 1960 in Indianapolis, Indiana, to a hot headed salesman father who sold everything from cleaning supplies to used cars. As a child Troy's father would come home with a new job and a new company car every six months, resulting in Troy attending eight different schools in twelve years. As the new kid he learned early how to grab the spotlight and make friends quickly.

After graduating high school Troy decided to open his own business as a mason; which he has been actively involved in for 30 years. At the age of 35 Troy decided to lay the foundation to his career, but now in comedy. The first time Troy performed on stage he talked about situations that everyone could relate to such as family, friends and especially his 3 divorces. With huge success, Troy continued to take his act in front of more people. The next time Troy performed, he won a local contest that lead to his first ever paid job as a comic, and his ascent into comedy.

Five years later Troy decided to take on comedy full-time gaining rave reviews throughout the midwest at over 160 cities and 30 states. after a brief hiatus from comedy, Troy jumps back in and takes on the position as house comic at One-Liner's for several years. He has also took on the role of house comic at Morty's Comedy Joint, as well as Cracker's Comedy Joint in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Troy is the father of one 30 year old son, and 3 daughters 32, 26 and 21. His 21 year old daughter CoLee has been doing stand-up professionally since she moved back in with dad.

Troy is truly original, hysterical and very real. It doesn't matter if the crowd is twenty or seventy "Funny is Funny". Troy has been calling himself the funniest unknown comedians in the country. Problem with that is that every comedian thinks he or she is the funniest comedian in the country. So you will have to come out and catch Troy on his never ending tour and decide for yourself!