.Micah 'Bam Bamm" White Apollo Night
.Micah 'Bam Bamm
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About .Micah 'Bam Bamm" White Apollo Night

Apollo Night at the Funny Bone! Featuring Comics from HBO's Def Comedy Jam, BET's Comic View, Comedy Central, and much more. Show begins at 10:30pm with seating at 10pm. Tickets on sale now! Purchase them online or call 757-213-5555 to make reservations! Must be 21 to enter..

Micah bam-bamm whitE: At the age of 20 Micah whitE stepped on the stage at Rees Lounge in Fairfield, Alabama. This would be the first time and place he would perform on stage as a comedian. Using his childhood nickname Bam-Bamm, Micah was allowed 10 minutes to make the crowed laugh. As he left the stage when his 10 minutes had expired. He noticed laughs, applause, smiles, and the host Rickey Smiley shaking his hand telling him in his ear, man you should keep coming. From that moment hes never looked back. Bam-Bamm's career has taken many turns since then. Shortly after his start he accepted his first tour with the Black Chippendales (male exotic dancers). He was their comedian and host. It wasnt exactly the idea he had in mind for a tour, but it was work and he was making steps in his new found career. Since then he has toured with comedians D.L. Hughley, Rickey Smiley, Bob Saget, Bernie Mac, Reginald Ballard (Bro Man from the sitcom Martin), Pablo Francisco, Gary Owen and many others. Bam-Bamm has also traveled and performed with many, famed musical artist. Jill Scott, Beanie Man, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Frankie Beverly and Maze, The O'Jays, and Jay Z just to name a few. In 1998 Micah was advised that he should extend his profession to kids and corporations. So he did. Starting with the DARE program in Greenville, Mississippi. Micah performed for 2 high schools and 2 middle schools with the message of staying in school and saying no to drugs. He also was the keynote speaker for the American Heart Association in Vancouver, Canada. Micah bam-bamm WhitE's comedy is definitely unique to his own personality and views. He gives every crowd, very high energy, and a show they will never forget! A lot of comics are funny, but only a few are flat out hilarious. This guy is one of few!