Bad Habits With Carmen Morales & Bryan Vokey

Bad Habits With Carmen Morales & Bryan Vokey


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About Bad Habits With Carmen Morales & Bryan Vokey

We all have a habit or two we probably should get around to addressing. But instead of beating yourself up why not take a night off to have a drink and laugh at somebody else's problems. The Bad Habits Tour has seen comedians Carmen Morales and Bryan Vokey packing out comedy clubs all over the country with their brash and unapologetic senses of humor. Both comic's have their fair share of bad habits and they're more than happy to tell you all about it.

Carmen Morales has been touring the country for over 10 years and there are few comics working right now as funny and powerful as her. Bryan Vokey has a dark sense of humor and does not shy away from any subject but always prioritizes being funny first.They both host the No Sir I Don't Like It Podcast that is a must listen for any comedy fan. Their list of guests includes the biggest and best comics around today.

Come out and enjoy two unique comics who love making people laugh, especially about things you might not think could be funny.