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image3.jpegThe Funny Bone Comedy School was established in February of 2012. Led by our head instructor Tim Loulies, the Funny Bone Comedy School has taught some of Hampton Road’s best comedic talents. Many of whom now receive professional work both locally and nationally. 

Our 6 week course teaches original, comedic writing, stage presence, how to build & perform a set, how to work an audience, and a little about the business. It all culminates to your very own graduation showcase, right here at the premier comedy venue in all of the state, the Virginia Beach Funny Bone. 

Whether you have aspirations of a career in stand up, or you would like to improve upon or develop public speaking skills, the Funny Bone Comedy School is the right place to start! 




Tim Loulies has a passion for teaching and an adherence to detail.  Tim’s fluid curriculum and hands on approach helps each individual student both recognize their hidden talents, sharpen natural abilities, as well as conquering fear of the stage. He has taught many in Hampton Roads area the art of stand-up of all backgrounds and occupations from veterans, active duty military, actors, to radio & tv personalities who have gone on to apply the skills learned in class to their everyday lives. 

Tim has performed at such legendary venues as the Apollo Theater, Hollywood Improv and the Comedy Store in Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. He has worked with 4 cast members of Saturday Night Live, 4 WWE Hall of Famers, and such names in the business as Tony Rock, John Witherspoon, Bruce Bruce, Guy Torry and many more. Tim was also featured as the head instructor in the PBS documentary “Comedy Bootcamp.”





In the past, our students have had the benefit of many national headliners stop in to share their knowledge of the craft. Such names include Guy Torry, Christopher Titus, Godfrey and more. 


“This was a really fun couple of months. Learning where funny comes from, and how to put it together to get laughs in a PACKED room...there's not a lot of better feelings. You won't regret signing up for this. Tim knows what he's doing!”

- Eric W. 

On-air personality FM99

“I had such a wonderful experience taking this class. Tim Loulies' thoughtful process helps you learn stand-up in a professional way. You come away with a foundation that helps your confidence on stage or anywhere you need to speak in front of an audience. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to take it. It will change your life!!!”

- Donna L. 

Configuration and Data Manager


"I loved the class, I took it as a kind of 'bucket list' item.  It's a great environment to learn the basics of stage presence, set construction, handling a microphone, and timing.  You also get an appreciation for how much work goes into what seems a simple 5 minute set. Tim has a great structure for the class. No, you won't magically become inherently funny, but you will have more confidence, a better foundation for performing, and you'll get to meet some very interesting people.  It was a fun time, and the show at the end is a priceless experience."

- Ken W 

LCDR, USN (Ret.)



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