Mike Speenberg

Mike Speenberg


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About Mike Speenberg

Mike Speenberg is being called the "Cynical Voice of A Generation". His live shows are a "perfect blend of Jeff Foxworthy and Dennis Leary". He's performed on 4 different continents with everyone from Robin Williams to Ron White and been featured on everything from CNN, to Fox Television , to the Bob and Tom Radio Show. You can also catch Mike Speenberg on his weekly podcast www.sudsandbuds.net!!

"Speenberg's show is a show for anyone who went to public schools, rode a big wheel, and made love at least once on a water bed."-Creative Loafing

"Known as a gentler, more grounded version of the southern comedy popularized by the blue collar comedians, Speenberg relies more on funny jokes than crass humor, stereotypes and overt homophobia. See Southern comedy done right.." -NUVO Newsweekly

Speenberg's comedy is a virtual trip back in time when we were kids and life was good. At the same time, he takes life's serious issues and somehow shows us the humor in it all. His comedy makes you realize that we are all the same and it doesn't hurt to laugh at ourselves.-Punchline.com