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Jon Reep


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About Jon Reep

The Jon Reep Story...who does he think he is?

Southern Baptist"s baby

We have preachers not pastors. They say Preachers preach the gospel, and Pastors are where cows roam. My church was pretty conservative. We only had one guy that would yell out amen. He was good with his amen"s. He didn"t want people getting tired of them so he was creative. He had all kinds of amen"s…the strong amen, the happy amen, the amen brother. Sometimes the preacher would get upset when he thought he made a good point and didn"t get an amen. The preacher would just stop, stand there and wait. There would be a long pause. That"s when he would get the sympathetic amen.

It was around this time that I discovered my true talents, Ninjitsu and break dancing. As a Ninja I protected my neighborhood from any kind of lawn ornaments. Holidays were great! My other ninja friends and I would put on our suits at night and run from shadow to shadow until it was time to attack. We used blow darts on the inflatable Easter rabbits and flying side kicks on the snowmen. As a break dancer, I was in a group called the Cosmic Force. Heard of us? We were huge in Hickory. We used to break-dance in between our little league basketball games. Some of the parents hated us. They"re trying to watch they"re kids play basketball and we"re right outside with our boom boxes blasting hip-hop. Being loud, sliding around on refrigerator boxes. People would leave the games to come out and watch us dance. So after a while the parents that were on the PTA decided to have a local dance contest. They"re like, "So you want to dance huh, well let"s see what you got". "Put your money where your mouth is".

Anyone could enter.

They wanted to show us that there are other forms of dancing and stuff. Not just break-dancing. They had all kinds of judges. Ones from ballet, jazz, classical. So I entered with the Cosmic Force, but my brother and I didn"t like the direction they were heading so we came up with our own routine and entered the contest separately as the Breaking Brothers. We even had our own outfits made up with a logo and stuff. But we didn"t tell anyone. So we did our thing with the Cosmic Force and that was fine, the crowd liked us. Then my brother and I came back out as the breaking brothers and the place was all confused. There was a huge murmur in the crowd. Back stage was mayhem one of the other rival break-dancers was trying to psych me out before I went on by challenging me to a dancing duel. He was good too. He could do that heart beat move really good. We almost went at it but I didn"t have enough time. My brother and I had to practice our flip. We came up with this flip thing that we knew was going to kill. We danced, rocked the house, nailed the flip and we knew we had just won. The other members of the Cosmic Force were in disbelief. They just stood there with their mouths open shaking their heads. But when the judges read the scores, we came in second to a bunch of cloggers, 15 of them. They were all in the same dance class together. We got hosed big time. I thought a riot was going to break out. The judges had to be escorted out by the security guard. I remember this one lady cussing them out at the top of her lungs. It was the same lady who cussed her own kids out at baseball games. "I can"t believe this horse shit". "These kids worked long and hard on this and you son of a bitches go out and recruit professional cloggers to come in here." "I ought to stomp a mud hole in your ass." I hate cloggers. Do you know what clogging is? Other than what happens to your drain? If you don"t know what clogging is its kind of like redneck tap-dancing with a lot less teeth. Cloggers look stupid. Their clothes look like they were cut from the inside of a sleeping bag. I really hate cloggers.